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Team Building in Mr.X
11 December, 2016

It was mind boggling, at times frustrating,but above all, it was FUN! Riddles, puzzles,a couple of math problems, a wall safe, over sized stamps and cryptic astrological and Egyptian brainteasers. We made it out of a stuffy, hot, 18th century looking living room, into a walk-in safe and then through to a pleasingly air-conditioned Mission Impossible type, Egyptian tomb! Full of laser beams, computer screens (that were not touch screens btw!), Egyptian statues, smoke and mirrors and then we ran out of time!Though we ran out of time and were unable to complete the entire riddle, it was a quite trip and a quality experience. It was all very well laid out and everyone worked well together to get as far as we did. Post activity coffees and cakes hit the spot while we all waited for the torrential downpour outside to abate.
Unfortunately it was not possible to take any photos of the actual activity as we had to empty our pockets of everything that we were carrying on ourselves and place them in a storage space for the entire activity. We do have a couple of post activity pics for you all to look at.