Teaching in China
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Job information
Foreign Human Resource Specialist(Intern)
No Visa
No Vacation
No Accomodation
Job description:

Job Description:
1. Responsible for market research and analysis, education and curriculum product series and strategicplanning of curriculum product direction.
2. Responsible for team organization, development and guidance of curriculum completion, research and design of
teachingmaterials and assistance to meet the requirements of market.
3. Responsible for researching education pedagogy, establishing a research system, providing guidance
standardization ofteaching procedures and completing current and new teachers’ training program.
4. Responsible for talent management and cultivation for the teaching and research team.
5. Complete other work assigned by management.

Teacher Requirements:
1. BA degree or above, major in pedagogy or language related degree, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. 2. At least 1 years’ work experience in the industry of education; teaching or training experience in kindergartens preferred. 3. Have a knowledge of the current situation of the international education industry, mainstream education products,business model and development trend of the education industry. 4. Have ability in understanding, research, development and optimization of educational products and projects, have astrong overall understanding of products and projects, and able to meet visible market requirements according to the demands ofplanning and development according to developing products and projects. 5. Think independently, be creative and have good data analysis ability. 6. Able to deal with a challenging environment, think out of the box, willing to explore different ways and methods to achieve goals. 7. Display initiative and team management abilities, have good organizational skills and able to coordination with other departments.
Rate per hour:
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