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Aaron USA

I first started with Lingua Tutor as a part-time teacher and later transitioned to full- time. Though there have been a few hiccups along the way, my overall experience with the agency has been quite satisfactory. LinguaTutor is fairly flexible in its scheduling, even if it ultimately revolves around the client's time availability. I can honestly say that the company is pretty decent when it comes to scheduling clients and teachers for demos and class times. And as to the reliability of its payments to its teachers, I’ve always been pain on time with no problems. Simply put, this is a decent place to keep a flexible, part-time schedule for work, gain some teaching experience and earn some extra cash.

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Adam USA

In my four years of working in China, I had never before made use of an agency for fear of being ‘scammed’. I had heard of LinguaTutor before, but never really looked them up because I never thought that I would need any help finding work until my previous employer decided to cut me loose without any warning. From the first contact with Amber at LinguaTutor, I was pleasantly surprised by the personal attention I received throughout the entire process. The job interviews Amber arranged for me all fitted well to my experience level and pay requirements and once we had confirmed the job, the contract and other formalities were handled in a professional and efficient manner. The experience was good in every way and I feel especially pleased that I found this job with the help of LinguaTutor.

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Karen Canada

I am a full time teacher with Lingua Tutor. I have been working at this wonderful agency for a year and half now. I feel lucky that I can have the chance to work with a company that understands what being a teacher means. The school provides us with great training programs to keep us updated on the newest teaching methods. The staff here is also very professional, they always help us when we have problems communicating with the parents since most of the teachers here are foreigners and can’t speak Chinese well. They treat us like family here, always doing their best to take care of us. Making sure we get our payments on time and helping us out with small errands. The students are also great; they are all well-educated and sophisticated. They provide us with lots of hours and suitable students to teach. I am recommending all my oversea friends to join Lingua if they are thinking about coming to China. It has been an amazing experience for me; I am sure for you as well.

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Veronica USA

LinguaTutor has been great at finding the right students that are eager to learn a new language. I got to meet the students and parents at the same time before committing to classes and this was a breath of fresh air. Allows for both parties to be involved in the selection process. The staff at LinguaTutor has always been there to answer my questions when needed and the office is a great place for teaching resources. Access to the staff and their materials is great and keeps teaching fun!

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